Roanoke Island Things To Do

Including Things to Do in Manteo, NC

No matter what Roanoke Island things to do you choose during time here, one thing is certain: You’ll never be bored. Whether you crave relaxation or high-energy adventure, it’s all here.

Roanoke Island things to do include sailing along the sound or taking a dolphin-sighting cruise. Go crabbing from a dock or fight a marlin on an off-shore charter fishing trip. Parasail high above the water or take a bike ride along the island. Watch the sun set from the decks of a beautiful boat or zip through the sound on a Jet boat. Stroll along the Manteo boardwalk and enjoy the quaint beauty that characterizes Roanoke Island, or settle down to a modern movie in an old-fashioned theater. Join the local kids at the town-built skate park, or take the little ones to the waterfront playground. As you can see, the opportunities for Roanoke Island things to do in Manteo, NC, know no limits

And when you look beyond the things to do in Manteo, NC, to other Roanoke Island recreation possibilities, you’ll find air tours, fishing, backwater kayak tours, head boat excursions, Pirate Boat trips, yoga and Pilates classes, scuba trips and more. Manteo's recreation is more varied than Wanchese's recreation, which centers around fishing.

Various Things to Do in Manteo, NC

A notable feature of Roanoke Island things to do is the abundant history steeped within this island. Many historic sites and influential locations are popular spots to check out. See our Roanoke Island Attractions section for more about things to do in Manteo, NC, and all the places to visit on the island, including Roanoke Island Festival Park, the Elizabethan Gardens, Fort Raleigh National Historic Site, an operating 19th Century farm and even the North Carolina Aquarium at Roanoke Island. It also always seems like some sort of special event, festival, program, performing art, summer camp, children’s program and much more is happening on Roanoke Island. You can keep a beat on everything currently occurring by checking out our Roanoke Island Daytime Events page and Roanoke Island Nightlife page. To stay ahead on what’s to come throughout the year, see what Outer Banks Annual Events are going on in Manteo, NC.

Roanoke Island Activities by Location or Category

Roanoke Island Festival Park

Manteo Thing To Do
1 Festival Park, across from the Manteo Waterfront, Manteo
(252) 475-1500

Experience a new adventure in an old world at Roanoke Island Festival Park. This 25-acre historic site allows guests of all ages to experience first-hand what life was like for the first English settlers in 1585. Historic costumed interpreters are featured through Indian Town, the Settlement Site and the Elizabeth II ship to show and tell how the first settlers lived worked and played on... read more

Experience a new adventure in an old world at Roanoke Island Festival Park. This 25-acre... read more