Roanoke Island Weddings

Including Manteo, NC, Weddings

Hosting a Roanoke Island wedding, judging by the number of people doing it these days and what they are saying, is a pretty nice thing to do. You can see why too.

First, Roanoke Island is a truly beautiful place. Islands on the Outer Banks have a lot of visual appeal. Roanoke Island, with the gardens and the marsh and the lovely waterfront town and the gorgeous sunsets on the sound, makes for a spectacular setting. You can do a Manteo, NC, wedding at a quaint bed and breakfast or in one of the elegant wedding venues or outside at the waterfront gazebo or on the Town grounds or at the Roanoke Marshes Lighthouse. Roanoke Island weddings (in other words, events outside the Town of Manteo limits) can be located at the Elizabethan Gardens, the NC Aquarium, a Wanchese venue with sweeping views of the marshes or at one of the local churches.

There are a few other reasons that Manteo weddings are popular. The small town environment brings out the best in people. It’s personal and intimate and relaxed here. And people seem to feel at home. Somehow, a Manteo wedding feels like a world away from what you’re used to yet still like you’re in a familiar place where everyone is nice to you.

Another reason is that the Roanoke Island wedding facilities are well-placed and picture-perfect. Guests can stay at different B&Bs or hotels and be within walking distance of each other. Many of the wedding facilities — churches, reception sites, restaurants — are also within walking distance or a short drive, so everything is kept simple and safe. And there is always plenty for guests to do when they come from out of town. People are generally pretty happy with the idea of getting to spend a few days vacationing when they come for your Outer Banks wedding.

Of course there is more to planning your Outer Banks wedding than the location. And when you are planning its nice to know the trusted resources in the area. So we’ve put together a list of the people who specialize in Outer Banks weddings. The vendors noted here top-notch professionals since they’re able to hone their skills to perfection through the thousands—literally!—of weddings that are held on these islands every year. You should realize that all the vendors here, no matter where their business is actually located on the Outer Banks, all provide their services for Roanoke Island weddings.

If you want to check out information on Outer Banks weddings overall, you can easily do it from right here. Corolla weddings are sometimes held in a special location such as the Whalehead in Historic Corolla or on the grounds of the Currituck Beach Lighthouse. Duck weddings are a draw for many couples because the small town is packed with some of the best dining and shopping on the Outer Banks. Nags Head wedding ceremonies can be beachfront or soundside or held in a chapel or church and are often more appealing to couples who picture a romantic, beachy theme. Hatteras weddings and Ocracoke weddings tend to appeal to couples with a vision of the slower pace and ease that only a barrier island can offer. 


Manteo Wedding Services

So, do you want to get married? Here’s a helpful list of Roanoke Island wedding resources to help you.