Roanoke Island Vacation Rental Deals

Including Manteo, NC, Vacation Rental Deals

Do you ever wonder what it would be like to live at the beach but still have the small town life? Thanks to Roanoke Island, NC, vacation rentals deals, you have a chance to satisfy this question. Say goodbye to hotel and motel rooms as these rentals give you a temporary home close to the beach that's perfect for week-long (or longer) vacations. And the good news is that you can stay in these houses without breaking the bank thanks to Roanoke Island, NC, vacation rental deals. Great deals on these Manteo, NC, vacation rentals are available for various weeks throughout the summer.

Manteo, NC, vacation rentals such as these range from one to four bedrooms, are fully furnished kitchens and have comfy living rooms that are perfect for getting some quality family time as you watch movies or cook meals together, and most are situated in restored island homes, which makes them even more interesting. Recline on the outdoor porch of your Roanoke Island, NC, vacation rental as you watch boats go by or enjoy warm sunshine and breezes as you chat with your family or friends.

Easy Living with Manteo, NC, Vacation Rental Deals

These Manteo, NC, vacation rentals have amenities such as WiFi, access to private piers and docks, gardens and bikes for tooling around the waterfront town of Manteo or making the easy ride to attractions such as The Elizabethan Gardens, Island Farm, Roanoke Island Festival Park or The Lost Colony. Some Roanoke Island, NC, vacation rentals are situated on the waterfront (one is even a boat!), so you can expect some beautiful sunsets or even spontaneous kayaking adventures. Some rentals allow pets and others don’t, so call the owners or rental company before booking your trip if you plan to bring your furry friends with you. Check out the Roanoke Island vacation rental deals in the listing below, and get ready to plan your visit to Manteo.

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