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For many people considering a trip to the Outer Banks, finding a house for rent in Manteo, NC, isn’t the first thing they think about. But that’s changing. More and more visitors are discovering the charms of Manteo and its draw as a walkable vacation community that offers incredible amenities. Here you’ll find tons of arts events, great shopping, heralded restaurants, fun attractions and more at your fingertips. An extended stay in one of the bed and breakfast inns is the most common variation of getting a house for rent in Manteo, NC. But other types of Manteo, NC, rentals to consider during your vacation can include one larger hotel and several small, charming motels. Wanchese contributes to Roanoke Island vacation rentals options with its two delightful bed and breakfasts that show visitors a more traditional Outer Banks vacation experience.

Pirate’s Cove, though located a mile or so from the main waterfront area, offers wonderful condos and houses to rent in Manteo, NC, with its stylish condos, gracious homes and a community that’s rich in amenities. And from here, you’re only another few miles to the beach but with the advantage of less traffic and quieter surroundings than you’d get farther north.

Find a House for Rent in Manteo, NC

Staying in a Roanoke Island, NC, vacation rental makes you special. You become privy to a new side of this beautiful little island that day-trippers don’t get. When everyone else has gone home for the day, you’ll feel the quiet soul of Roanoke Island as you venture out of your vacation rental for a stroll the moonlit boardwalk and quiet streets or while you enjoy an unhurried meal in one of the Manteo, NC, restaurants. And when you wake up in a vacation house rented in Manteo, NC, you’ll see a sunny side of the island that has caused many a visitor to make this place their home.

For complete information on Manteo hotels, motels, B&Bs and campgrounds, check out our section with information on all of the Manteo, NC, hotels.

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