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Explore the “Waters of the Outer Banks” through aquariums and interactive exhibits. Watch fish and sharks in the 285,000-gallon “Graveyard of the Atlantic” habitat, which features a one-third scale replica of the Civil War ironclad USS Monitor. Explore aquatic habitats from grass flats to Gulf Stream waters. Gently stroke a stingray or touch a hermit crab in "Sea Senses". Learn about alligators, river otters, turtles, and see conservation first-hand in the Sea Turtle Assistance and Rehabilitation (STAR) Center. Enjoy some of the best views on the island as you stroll down the Soundside Pier and learn a bit about Outer Banks history and local ecosystems.

Rent the Aquarium for a wedding, reception or any special occasion. Dive with sharks in our Aquarium Swim with Sharks program, which is open to certified divers only. Make your family’s island experience truly “fin-tastic” by participating in one of our special activities programs, where fun and learning meet (registration required).