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Let's see, what can we say about Manteo, NC, restaurants through a truly local lens? Well, the better question is where to start? First, Manteo hosts a vast variety of styles, cuisines and atmospheres, so there are places for all eaters, group sizes and occasions. We have old school establishments, where the regular crowd bustles in for signature deli sandwiches. Manteo, NC, restaurants also embrace several international influences, and you can sample flavors from Central America, the Mediterranean, China and the Southwest. Since we’re on the Outer Banks, there’s no shortage of seafood-centric spots. If you’re looking to celebrate a special occasion, there are restaurants with creative gourmet food, drinks and views to make every experience memorable. From brew-pubs to retro diners, Manteo’s eateries will keep you well fed and coming back for more. Want a great local tip for Manteo, NC, restaurants? If you're tired of waiting for an hour or more at beach restaurants during the summer, just take the quick trip over the bridge to Manteo’s tucked away gems.

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Lots of Manteo, NC, restaurants have fantastic views of the water, and many are located right in the heart of downtown on the waterfront. This makes them walkable from bed and breakfasts and inns in the downtown area. Shall we go on about the other fantastic aspects of Manteo, NC, restaurants, such as the ability to dine under the stars at so many of them with your four-legged friend by your side? Maybe we’ll let you discover them for yourself instead.

Another note to keep in mind is that the pace of life is more laid back on Roanoke Island, so unwind with a cocktail while you’re here. After all, our bartenders have time to be true mixologists, and you get some of the tastiest mixed drinks here you've ever had. Even if you're a teetotaler, you'll appreciate the dining scene of boats in the harbor, people strolling by and the ease of a small island town.

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