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Enjoy Waterfront Dining at our Outer Banks Seafood Restaurant

At Lone Cedar Café, we specialize in fresh and local Outer Banks seafood. If you’re craving the freshest fish, clams, crab, shrimp and oysters from local North Carolina waters, you’ll find them at the Lone Cedar Café.

For generations, Outer Banks families made their livings — and their daily meals — from the bounty of local waters, caught fresh every day. Our family, the Basnights, were part of that history, and we continue the tradition today by serving only the freshest Outer Banks seafood, caught in local waters and brought to our docks daily by local fishermen, then cleaned and prepared right here at the Lone Cedar Café. Our vegetables are “just picked” from North Carolina farms, we serve only all-natural beef and poultry and even our herbs and greens are grown in our own chemical-free garden on-site. Come enjoy delicious food, gorgeous sunsets and panoramic water views, the antics of our resident ospreys and our warm Southern hospitality.

Quality Fresh Outer Banks Local Seafood.

The tradition of fresh and delicious seafood dates back to the early days of the Outer Banks. Like other local families, the Midgetts, the Basnights and the Tilletts made their livings by harvesting the fresh catch of the day. To continue the family tradition, Marc and Sandy Basnight, and daughters Vicki and Caroline, opened Basnight’s Lone Cedar Café in 1996. Drawing on the rich Outer Banks heritage of our ancestors, we developed a menu that enhances the freshest seafood and ingredients using many authentic Outer Banks recipes. Caroline and Vicki now helm the restaurant daily, ensuring the highest-quality meals and making every guest feel welcome.

We take great pride in serving fresh, local food — and in being a “green” restaurant, too. By keeping our environment clean and focusing on fresh, local and natural foods, the Lone Cedar ensures that our diners have a healthful, natural and, above all, delicious dining experience.

Basnight’s Lone Cedar offers it all: The best local foods — especially our fresh daily catch of local Outer Banks seafood, a panoramic view of Roanoke Sound and the friendly and warm hospitality of an original Outer Banks family. We hope to see y’all here soon!

The Top Outer Banks Catering

We’re especially proud that Lone Cedar has earned a reputation as one of the top in Outer Banks catering. We are honored to be a part of so many meaningful gatherings – Outer Banks weddings and rehearsal dinners, birthdays, bridal lunches, reunions, business meetings, parties and more. We have an entire staff dedicated to our Outer Banks catering events. Our chefs both trained at the Culinary Institute of America, and they bring their excellence and passion for food to your Outer Banks catering event. We have two catering coordinators to make sure your events goes exactly as planned, and our staff is experienced and seasoned, ready to bring the professionalism that refines your event.

Outer Banks catering, as you might know, is a competitive business, so the fact that we are the recommended resource by so many Outer Banks wedding planners, event coordinators and locals means a lot to us. For details on Lone Cedar Catering, click on the Catering link at the top of the page.