C-Legs Sportfishing, Family Friendly Fishing

Family Friendly Fishing

Embark on a family-friendly offshore fishing adventure, where the whole crew can reel in excitement and create lasting... More info
C-Legs Sportfishing, Nearshore Fishing Trips

Nearshore Fishing Trips

Embark on an exhilarating 8-hour nearshore fishing adventure, exploring the rich waters of the Outer Banks, teeming with a... More info
C-Legs Sportfishing, Offshore Fishing Trips

Offshore Fishing Trips

This adventure tests your C-Legs, leaving the dock before sunrise and usually returns 10-12hrs later running to grounds that... More info
C-Legs Sportfishing, Bottom Fishing Trips

Bottom Fishing Trips

Set sail on a thrilling 9-hour bottom fishing expedition, delving into the depths to target a bounty of bottom-dwelling... More info
C-Legs Sportfishing, Bull Drum/Night Fishing Trips

Bull Drum/Night Fishing Trips

Experience the thrill of bull drum fishing under the moonlit sky on this unforgettable night fishing excursion. More info