Phideaux Fishing, Make-Up Fishing Charter

Make-Up Fishing Charter

Don't have the crew or the cash to charter a full trip? Join a make-up charter! The Phideux fishing vessel can accommodate... More info
Phideaux Fishing, Offshore Fishing Charter

Offshore Fishing Charter

Offshore charters typically leave the dock an hour before the sunrise. Offshore gamefish can be found anywhere from 20 to 60... More info
Phideaux Fishing, Inshore Fishing Charter

Inshore Fishing Charter

Inshore chaters run about 4 hours long. We hope to encounter Spanish mackerel, bluefish, cobia, red drum and striped bass.... More info
Phideaux Fishing, Sunset Fishing Cruise

Sunset Fishing Cruise

Our sunset fishing cruise is a 4-hour charter. What time we leave the dock depends on when the sun is setting during a given... More info
Phideaux Fishing, Bottom Fishing Excursion

Bottom Fishing Excursion

Also known as wrech fishing! Enjoy a fishing charter where we hone in on tilefish, grouper and sea bass. Feel free to bring... More info
Phideaux Fishing, Year Round Charter Fishing

Year Round Charter Fishing

Phideaux Fishing is one of the only charter fishing operations to offer year-round Outer Banks service. Whether you're... More info