Manteo, NC, Shopping

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You could easily spend your whole day enjoying all that Roanoke Island shopping has to offer. Manteo, NC, shopping opportunities have greatly expanded in recent years, especially in the historic waterfront area. Today you’ll find a diverse selection of stores that range from antique shops, art galleries, fine apparel boutiques, fun gift and souvenir shops, a classic bookstore, several day spas/salons to a wonderful general store with a great wine selection, among many others. The way to navigate the waterfront area’s active shopping scene is by foot. Park the car and stroll around from shop to shop, ducking in anywhere that catches your eye. The other area to do some Roanoke Island shopping is on the main highway, U.S. Highway 64, where you’ll find several other great locally run shops. On the highway you’ll want to drive or bike between stores. Most of the necessities you’ll need – groceries, sundries, prescriptions, dry cleaning, gasoline and the like – can be found on the main highway. While Roanoke Island shopping is more limited in Wanchese than that in Manteo, NC, shopping, this guide helps you uncover a couple of places with true local flavor.

Tips for Manteo, NC, Shopping

When you’re ready to indulge in some Roanoke Island shopping pleasure, there are several small parking lots in the historic Manteo waterfront area plus a lot of on-street parking spaces. Oftentimes, especially in the summer, all the spaces near the waterfront will be full. If you can’t find a parking space, don’t worry. Just head over the little bridge to Roanoke Island Festival Park, where there is more than enough free parking. And don’t forget to look up – many spots for Manteo, NC, shopping are located high above ground level to protect them from flooding.

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Roanoke Island Shops by Location or Category

Calvio’s is a nail salon offering expert manicures and pedicures, including acrylics and gels. The husband-and-wife owners are friendly and professional more

For 21 years Charlotte's has been a trusted women's boutique in downtown Manteo. Charlotte’s sells fine apparel from names like Jude Connally, more

This strip mall houses a variety of convenience and necessity stores. Advance Auto Parts offers supplies and parts for vehicles. Food-A-Rama is an more

In addition to its pharmacy and photography services, CVS stocks over-the-counter medicines, office supplies, toiletries, makeup, baby products, beach more

Dollar General is a national discount store chain. You'll find grocery items, beauty and personal care products, pet supplies, home goods, office and more

The independent bookstore on Roanoke Island is Downtown Books, which has been serving Manteo and the entire Outer Banks since 2012. Featuring an eclectic, more