Roanoke Island Restaurant Specials & Manteo Restaurant Specials

Roanoke Island may be small but its selection of restaurants is mighty. From coffee shops, sandwich markets, bistros, breweries and upscale grills all within walking distance of downtown Manteo, Roanoke Island restaurants won’t let you go hungry, and the Roanoke Island restaurant specials will make you happy! The diverse menus of these restaurants are enough to keep even the pickiest of eaters satisfied, but the daily specials will capture everyone’s attention, taste buds and hearts and therefore deserve serious consideration when it comes to placing your order. Ranging from free upgrades, soups du jour, fresh fish catches of the day, the chef’s wine recommendation and the various sandwich concoctions that you might consider masterpieces, Roanoke Island restaurants exceed your expectations when it comes to the food. If you’re in the mood for seafood and catch yourself debating between that typical basket of fried shrimp and day’s special of a sandwich made with the tuna caught that morning, go with the tuna sandwich. You can get fried shrimp anywhere on the beach (and in many places outside of the Outer Banks) but not everywhere serves freshly caught tuna grilled to perfection and placed between two toasted and buttery hamburger buns. Check out the listing below to see what the Roanoke Island restaurant specials are offering today, and don’t miss the chance to try them.

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