Campgrounds in Manteo, NC

For Places to Stay in Manteo, NC

As you’re looking for a place to stay in Manteo, NC, why not take the opportunity to explore Roanoke Island’s wilder side? Take advantage of the beautiful marshland, expansive starry skies and breezes blowing off the sound when you stay in a campground in Manteo, NC. Pitch a tent or park your camper in the heart of a wildlife refuge on Roanoke Island, and sleep under the stars. Staying at a campground in Manteo, NC, is as amenity-laden or no-frills as each guest would like. Enjoy hot shower and laundry facilities, and use the WiFi to check your email. Alternatively, try living off the land by setting out in a kayak and fishing for your dinner. With services open year-round, it’s never an inopportune time to visit a campground in Manteo, NC.