Outer Banks Ghost Tours in Manteo, NC

Looking for Ghost Tours of the Outer Banks? Don’t worry, you're in the right place! And we have ghoulishly good news: Ghost Tours of the Outer Banks and Outer Banks Tastes & Tales have merged to offer more great tours together!

Don't be scared. We will still be offering the most awesome ghost tours, just as we have done for the past 11 years. By expanding we will be able to offer ghost tours more nights each week, as well as some new customer service features, including online ticket booking and credit card payments.

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Outer Banks Walking Tours in Manteo, NC

Ghost Tours of the Outer Banks/Outer Banks Tastes & Tales has a fun tour for you! After all, the Outer Banks has a history that includes Ghosts, Shipwrecks, Barrels of Rum, Pirates, original English settlers (and their mysterious disappearance) – and more. Our walking tours are the best way to get a close-up look at a local history, tales, homes and landscapes, where you can take in the sights, sounds, scents, and scenery first-hand at a leisurely pace.


We give our guests a little something extra! Our mission is to deliver a special, fun, unique tour experience which sparks your imagination! See things you may never have seen before! Learn things you may never have known before! Taste things you may never have tried before! We are committed to “keeping it local” and offer tours which feature the history and flavor that is uniquely and distinctively Outer Banks. All of our tours are carefully researched and based on local Outer Banks history, events & legends. Food/beverage tours feature products which are locally made/locally sourced and regionally authentic. Even our ghosts are local....

We also customize tours to accommodate larger families and groups!

Manteo NC Tour Guides

Our tour guides are local full time residents who have a passion for sharing their Outer Banks home and wealth of knowledge about Manteo and the Outer Banks with others. Our guides are experienced storytellers who have skills for sharing local history and tales in a fun, friendly, entertaining and informative manner! 

We Are A Locally Owned Small Business

We are proud that Outer Banks Tastes & Tales/Ghost Tours of The Outer Banks is 100% locally owned & operated. Our owners & tour-guides are active year-round members of the local community, who are excited to share the special history and unique culture of our Outer Banks home with our guests! Further, we too work with many other locally owned businesses- from the restaurants on the beverage tasting tour (including the guys up the street who literally make the Rum...) to the folks managing our website. By booking your tour with us, you can feel good knowing you are supporting local families, local businesses - and helping to preserve the distinctive character of our OBX communities!