Roanoke Island Real Estate & Manteo Real Estate

The Roanoke Island real estate scene is a little different than Outer Banks real estate overall. Why? Because most people who buy real estate on Roanoke Island, particularly in its main town, Manteo, are moving here permanently, not looking for an investment property. Not that Roanoke Island rentals aren’t popular! Indeed, more and more visitors are discovering the charms of Manteo and its draw as a walkable vacation community that offers incredible amenities—tons of arts events, great shopping, heralded restaurants, fun attractions. But the purchase of Roanoke Island real estate, whether in Manteo or the other town on the island, Wanchese, still draws more of the people who experience the lifestyle this place has to offer and choose to move here for good. Roanoke Island real estate offerings include old established homes with lovely lawns and historic backgrounds, newer homes in community developments, waterfront condos, some lots and commercial property. So, if you’re considering a real estate purchase, make sure you’ve considered Manteo and Roanoke Island…it’s an Outer Banks real estate jewel.

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